Masks 4 the Missing (create your own)

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"We are the voices for the missing and murdered people! We will never be silenced!"  (these words spoken to me by Deborah Smith) 

Personalize your very own face mask with the image of your missing family member and their important information.

These face coverings are individually packaged, 2 layer fabric masks, washable, breathable, reusable, and highly effective in creating the awareness about your missing loved one...  While we are all mandated or choose to wear a mask to slow the spread of COVID-19 this mask will be like wearing a missing person flyer, visible for everyone to see, who knows they may stop you to say, "I know them" and who knows maybe they can help you connect with them, or maybe they will tell you stories of their friendship with your loved one, or the comforting I know your story and you are in our prayers. I love the idea of creating these personalized face coverings for family and friends, fundraisers, candle light vigils (maybe sell them to help offset the cost, or give them to your searchers, or those who have stood by your side through this nightmare you are living in). The possibilities are endless. And know you are not alone, Olivia and I are both missing our sons. They vanished 1 day apart from each other in San Diego CA. back in 2015.  

To date, neither of us have found answers to their whereabouts, what really happened that night or heard from them since.

we understand what you are going through, and want to help you find your answers. 

much love and big hugs from Olivia and myself, LeLanie... 



NOTE: when ordering there are 2 attachments (photo and flier) needed to proceed to check out...  in the information field you can write specific instructions or added info for me to help create the best version of your personalized mask...

***when ordering on your cell phone hold phone sideways to view all options.***

***click "add to cart" to get started, upload a flyer AND a clear photo***

if you are in San Diego, CA, local pick up is an option at check out, Olivia or myself will make arrangements for you to receive your order...

Due to safety concerns, there are NO refunds on facial coverings.

These masks are 2 LAYERS of soft and stretchable fabric. ULTRA-BREATHABLE Moisture-Wicking fabric filters while remaining cool and breathable.  MACHINE WASHABLE. Double stitched polyester allows for easy care and is highly durable. Reusable masks for men, women and children (over the age of 2).

*Design color and layout may appear different on mask due to resizing and electronic display*

There are 3 sizes available in face masks

**x-small would work for children, or teens and women with slender face.

**small/medium works well for the general population.

**large/x-large would work for men and fuller faces.  

  at this time we have all tried on various sized masks...  what have you noticed about how they fit you?  are they too loose? wish it was smaller?  maybe try the x-small.  do you feel you need more room?  maybe it needs to be less tight behind the ears, or around the nose and mouth?  in this case try the large/x-large.  

trust me, I have been creating masks for various people and everyone is unique, having different opinions, and needs.

I hope this helps you determine your mask size, and I look forward to creating something wonderful for you.

DUE TO THE PRINTING PROCESS: colors may vary, masks may not be identical.  and there could possibly be flaws in the finished product.