Bring Bear Home

In 2015 Elijah "Bear" Diaz was taken from his home in El Cajon, San Diego, Ca. He was 20 years old under weight and frail.  Unable to drive and could not walk without assistance.  

Bring Bear Home is our cry, somebody out there knows what happened that night and somebody knows where he is now.  We have created a face book page to keep all who are interested in our story updated as time goes on.  please like/follow us at:

We have Crime Stoppers and John Walsh Investigative Teams involved as well as being featured with the Skylar Peterson Tosic story on Investigation Discovery Chanel's show Disappeared episode "Every Mother's Son".  Also mentioned on In Pursuit with John Walsh episode "American Nightmare".  We have been blessed to have these organizations play an active part in our search for answers.  We ask you to continue to pray, spread the word, and stand with us as we wait for the moment we do get some closure.

In this collection I would like to offer products we have created over the years as awareness or memorabilia items.  Bear has many friends, a large family, as well as all of you, keeping his memory alive and loving us through each step of the way.  Thank you for that.  Much love and Big Hugs from the original Mama Bear, Lelanie, owner of FeatherBearSkye, Native Made Arts & Crafts.