Bring Bear Home Car Decals (new)

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2022 our cry is #WhereIsBearDiaz ? Our new Stickers/Decals help spread awareness that we are still seeking answers…. Not just what happened that night 7 years ago, who was involved, but where is he?  

the photo used was Bear around the age of 15…. He looks so healthy, and strong here, I love it…  he is about to play tug a war with a bunch of guys his age at a social event (Gathering) on our reservation. A lot of people in Bears life remember his hair like this, usually hiding one eye, a little hair swoop that only he could pull off… 😊

Thank you for following our journey, for the love and support I feel from each and every comment and message on Facebook…. I don’t know if I could do this alone.  
Bring Bear Diaz Home the search continues